Water Pollution

What is Water Pollution?

Water pollution definition goes as fallows. It is a presents of toxic chemicals or any biological agents that exceed normal levels that are found in the nature. When these levels are exceeded it may posses a threat to human health. It can even posses threat to the environment. Additional to the groundwater pollution we also pollute the big open water bodies. This is a result of multiple human activities, such as factories dumping their excess to the rivers or oil spills by faulty tankers. When these chemicals come in contact with our waters this is then called water pollution.

Types of Water Pollution.

There are quite a few types of water pollution. Water pollution mainly depends on the source of the pollution. Water pollution is divided in three main groups - Chemical, Radioactive and Biological.

Chemical - here's a few most common ones

  1. Petroleum products
  2. Fertilizers
  3. Pharmaceutical products
  4. Organic Solvents (various cleaning agents)
  5. Herbicides Pesticides and Insecticides (agricultural related activities)
  6. Polychlorinated Biphenyls

Radioactive - When something goes really, really bad like the earthquake in Japan.

Biological - this is when lots of bacterial, algae, worms, viruses seems to be gathering. The gathering of these viruses usually is caused by leaving organic waste in water. Suck as animal carcass or human negligence and waste.

There are two mainĀ  reasons behind water pollution they are natural orĀ originating in human activity. Any water can become polluted no-mater how big or small nor how deep or shallow it is. It is worth knowing that the bigger the water body is the faster it will regenerate. Water has natural ability to recycle and clean the pollution away.

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