5 Different types of Water Filters for travelling

There are many different types of filters available today on the market. Here are 5 main types of water filters that you can use on your travels. Remember that filtering water is very important, we have written an article about Water Filters remember if you don’t use a filter you become a filter. For home usage of water filters please read 10 Best Water Filters on the market.

Pump Filters

It is easy and simple to use pump based filters. These typically have two hoses, intake, and outlet. Insert the intake hose into the water source and the outlet hose into the water bottle. Next work the pump for the water to collect in the bottle. Different pump filters have different water flow rates. So choose the right one by comparing the specs. The key benefit of using pump devices is that you can choose the amount of water to filter as you can stop the device when the bottle fills up. Also, the intake hose can be put inside shallow water sources and cartridge can be replaced. The downside of pump filters is that their lifespan depends on how long the cartridge lasts and the user needs to clean it frequently.

Gravity Filters

Gravity filters work slowly and so users have to wait or pre-plan on installing it beforehand. To use the gravity filters users have to fill the tank and hang it above the ground level. The number of reservoirs and their capacity varies depending on the model. The benefit of using a gravity filter include easy filtration of large quantities of water- good when camping with your family, and its cartridge is replaceable. The slowness of gravity filters repels people from buying them. Also, they need to be hanged higher, cleaning its filter element and filling water from a water source into reservoir can be tedious.

 Bottle Filters

These are similar to water bottles but have inbuilt filtration elements. These are ergonomic and easy to use. Some do not have filtration elements instead work on UV technology. The key benefit of using bottle filters is water becomes quickly drinkable. Other benefits include low cost compared to gravity and pump filters and the cartridge is replaceable. The quantity of water that can be treated at one time is limited to the size of the bottle. Also, frequent cleaning of the element is necessary to increase its lifespan.  

Squeeze Filters

Squeeze filters have small packet reservoirs with a filtration element in them. The user squeezes water in the packet to filter and consume. These are quite similar to bottle filters in their way of treatment and size. The water from a squeeze filter is quickly drinkable and it is lighter, smaller and lower in cost compared to other types of filters.

Straw-Style Filters

Straw style filters have cylinders with a filter element that allows you to suck directly from the source. The obvious benefit of this is you get to drink water fast. Also, it costs less and is lighter and portable. These are personal or one-person filters, which can only be used when there is a water source. Moreover, the filter element needs cleaning after use


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