Water Cycle made simple, real easy to understand.


Before we get into detail explanation of water cycle, we need to understand each of the five basic stages or steps that makes up for the water cycle. Now it is well know that this process that water is going though on daily basis has a massive impact on the earth that we live one. To name a few it affects temperature, it creates rain and storms, icebergs, rivers, mountain tops cowered of snow. It affects us every day more than we realize. Without further ado here’s 7 Stages of water cycle.

This must be the easiest way to understand it, just listen to the song! Incredible!

Step 1 Evaporation

This is the first stage of water cycle around the world, water is getting smoked by the sun! What is happening is that sun heats up the water where ever it might be, be it in the ocean, some lone mountain river or a beautiful lake filled with peaceful fish swimming around as they do. Heck even the ground do some water evaporation, when it has some. This water then turns into vapor now it can fly up, ergo moving from hydrosphere to atmosphere. To not to evaporate yourself too much make sure you drink enough water!

water cycle evaporation

Step 2 Condensation

After it get’s all smoked out of the ground it rises right up as high as any given day will allow it. Leaving ground these vapor’s are pretty warm, then they get to the cloud level and get all cold, this is when the clouds form to form a cloud you really just need bunch of tiny water/ice particles that forms droplets. These then come close to each other and creates clods and foggy things high up.

Step 3 Sublimation

Right, this is when water in Ice form decided to skip the liquid form. Instead it goes straight for the gassy stuff. Of course this ain’t happening every day, there has to be some special requirements like high atmospheric pressure and the temperature is low. Still this process is slower than if the water goes from the liquid stat to the gassy staff.

Here’s a cool video of it, with funny accent explaining it!

Step 4 Precipitation

Rain, simply put. Remember those little icy and watery things in condensation step? See when they get to gather they tend to get fat. After getting fat (read big) enough there comes a point where they become heavier than the air surrounding them. Once this happens there is only one way to go – down. This is what we commonly know as rain.

Step 5 Transpiration

After rain has stopped we can all imagine the wet grass and ground. This then is the process where flowers and other vegetation takes the water from the ground. They use their roots to suck the water up and move it towards the leafs. This place is called biosphere, here it gets once again exposed to the sun and turns into.. yes you guessed it the gassy stuff.

water cycle

Step 6 Runoff

All that excessive water coming down not always can be sucked up by the earth. When there is more water then earth can handle it turns into runoff water. It takes whatever  is on the way and brings with it to the closest river, lake or ocean. This is how water gets back to the fancy name – hydrosphere.

Step 7 Infiltration

The is the last bit, the water that dose not get sucked by the plants or run off it goes deep into the ground. This eventually increases the level of ground water, this works sort of like a water filter ground water generally speaking is drinkable. Except of course if there are some dirty factories around your town, it might not be the best idea.

That’s it, folks! Really simple isn’t it? And it just keeps going into circles!