Top 9 Drinking Water Benefits that will Make you Love Water like never Before.

It is unbelievable how people care less about the benefits of drinking water. They instead prefer beverages and sports drinks to quench their thirst and get energized. The growing popularity of soft drinks, beers and other forms of alcohol is just another aspect of this. If everyone would know all the benefits of drinking enough water, world would have less health problems and would be a better place. And ofcourse, the health care debate in U.S might come to a rest. Now that you are here, you should feel lucky to be introduced to drinking water benefits. By knowing these benefits, you will be inspired to drink more water every day.

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  • Balances the level of fluids in the body


Since our body is 60 percent water, it is essential for us to replenish the lost water in the form of sweat and urine. Water in the body is required for blood circulation, digestion, absorption of nutrients, production of saliva, and transportation of nutrients to the organ sites. Also, water helps to balance the temperature of the body. Moreover, because 75% of our muscles and 90% of the brain are made of water, not drinking enough water leads to tiredness, fatigue, headaches, and migraines. Having a bottle of water with you at all times to replenish the lost fluids at different intervals is important to keep your body functioning at an optimum level. Regular intake of water along with other fluids such as fruit juice, green tea, and occasionally coffee would help to keep our bodies hydrated. Avoid drinking alcohol as it leads to dehydration.

  • Supports healthy functioning of muscles

There are three types of muscles in our body, smooth, skeletal and cardiac. The smooth muscles form the working parts of bladder, stomach, and uterus. During the time of conceiving, smooth muscles in the uterus help to push out the baby. Smooth muscles in the bladder help to urinate and in the heart to pump the blood.  Skeletal muscles are voluntary and they help to move bone structures and cardiac muscles assisting in the heart’s functions. Consuming an adequate amount of water is essential to aid normal contraction and relaxation of muscles. If you indulge in gym workouts, drinking mineral-rich water is important for repair, and growth of new muscles in the body.

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  • Improve skin complexion and heal wrinkles


Water keeps skin clean and hydrated. Skin is our outermost part of our body and is exposed to sun rays, pollutants, and toxins in our surroundings. Water in the blood helps to supply nutrients to the skin cells. This in turn keeps the process of formation of collagen going and prevents wrinkles on the skin. Also, in teenagers drinking enough water helps to flush excess oils and toxins from the body. It reduces acne, keeps the face fresh and clean.  


  • Prevents water retention and bloating


When you start to reduce the intake of water, the brain goes into survival mode and starts to store water in the body. This creates swollen legs, hands, and feet. Drinking more water relaxes the brain and keeps its function normal. If your water retention is caused due to kidney problems, do not drink excess water, it can be fatal. Consult your doctor to know the right quantity of water to consume when having this condition.

  • Keeps the Digestive system relaxed

While we eat food at least three times a day, our digestive system needs proper lubrication to keep it functional. If your body lacks water, it disrupts the function of intestines that involves absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste. A person who drinks less than 6 glasses of water a day is prone to suffer recurrent constipation problem. Also, regular drinking of water prevents acid reflux and burning in the stomach.

  • Maintains healthy body weight

There are two types of fats in terms of solubility, water-soluble and insoluble fats. Water-soluble fats are easy to digest but the insoluble fats although do not mix with the water, the body needs water for their conversion into energy. When you do not drink enough water, kidneys fail to separate fats and ignore them. The fats swimming in the bloodstream reach the liver where all the fat molecules need to be converted into energy. But liver can burn only a limited quantity of fat and the leftover is deposited in the tissues. This causes the weight of the body to increase. So drinking a good amount of water is essential for aiding the fat burning process.

  • Prevent dry eyes and promote long-lasting eyesight.

Our eyeballs are surrounded by fluid, which pushes the dust and debris to the corners as we blink many times. To maintain the presence of this fluid, it is important to stay well hydrated. People who drink less water are prone to get dry eyes. Also, drinking alcohol makes it worse as it decreases the level of glutathione produced by liver acting as an antioxidant to protect the eye from diseases and infections.


  • Boosts Immune System


Firstly, drinking enough water supports carrying oxygen to all the cells of the body. This puts all the organs in the best shape and they function at their best. One of the important organs that get benefited from this is the kidney. It is responsible for removing waste and toxins from the body. This is the foundation to building strong immunity. Secondly, water helps in the secretion of lymph, which is a colorless fluid that circulates all through the body and transfers white blood cells to the tissues that are responsible for removing toxins. Lastly, drinking an adequate quantity of water helps the body ward off serious disorders such as Leukemia, Arthritis, Asthma, Insomnia, and depression.


  • Fights Bad Breath


Water eliminating bad breath is a no brainer. Drinking water constantly prevents the deposit of food particles in the mouth and flushes out sulfur-producing bacteria. Also, good hydration of body oxygenates the saliva and bacteria don’t like to breed in this condition.

Water will save you from a lot of diseases and disorders, give you a better quality of life and in a long run save a lot of money that you would probably shell out on health insurance and treatments.  So drink water everyday and many times!