17 Amazing properties of Water

Water is an intelligent design of nature and has many properties to it that amazes even the brightest of physicists and chemists. It is a tasteless and colorless fluid that fills the lakes, oceans, streams, glaciers, ice caps and groundwater. All life forms on earth depend on water for their survival. Water in its chemical form is made of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen.  Its unique property to condense as it freezes makes the floating of ice possible. Likewise, there are different aspects of water which are miraculous and define the workings of the earth in comparison to all other molecules and elements we know today.

  • Water dissolves many different substances

Water can dissolve substances more than any other liquid known to mankind. So it is called as a universal solvent. Without this property, cleaning surfaces would have been impossible including waste removal in our bodies.

  • Dielectric Strength

 Water has a very high dielectric constant, which means water acts as a medium for substances to dissociate and form separate ions. In the process, water molecules surround ion charges and do not allow them to combine with opposite ions.

  • Colloidal

 Water can allow certain solids to suspend without reacting with them to form colloidal sols. Human blood is one of the colloidal sols whose base is water and it carries red blood cells, platelets, nutrients etc.  

  • Water Flows

 When water falls on the earth in the form of rain, the drops gather together and form a stream of water. This creates rivers, waterfall, seas, and oceans. It then evaporates and goes back into the atmosphere and the cycle repeats. The flowing property of water makes this possible. In the context of our body, flowing property of water, allows the heart to pump the blood and make it flow to all the organs and tissues in the body.   

  • Contraction

When the temperature is below 3.9degree Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it starts to contracts. This property of water makes possible for the aquatic life in the lakes to exist.

  • Expansion

Water is a strange liquid that expands when it freezes at 0 degrees. It allows ice to float in the temperate climate and fish and other organisms exist beneath it.

  • Ice and Steam

Water has a relative shift in its boiling and melting temperatures. It melts at 0-degree Celsius instead of minus 80-degree Celsius and its boiling temperature is +100 degree Celsius instead of minus 70-degree Celsius.

  • Bipolarity

The bipolar nature of water is possible because of the leftover negative charge in the oxygen atoms after bonding with hydrogen atoms. This allows a water molecule to bond with other molecules and it forms a chain to create liquid water. The polarity of water is the reason for its high boiling point compared to other liquids.

  • Surface Tension

 Water has greater surface tension compared to other organic liquids. Pure water has highest surface tension. This allows insects like water strides and whirligig beetles to live and walk on the surface of the water with low nutrients. Without high surface tension, these insects would starve and get immersed. When the water is dense with nutrients, its surface tension decreases and prevents the living of neustons to support life underwater.

  • Specific Heat

The relatively high specific heat of water allows it to maintain its liquid state in most atmospheric temperatures. Ice, however, has low specific heat, which makes it melt easily. This is one of the key reasons for life to exist on earth.

  • Evaporation

Water evaporates at a higher temperature than other liquids. This causes evaporative cooling in plants while transpiration and sweating in animals. Evaporative cooling happens when the water evaporates and leaves the surface beneath cooled. It prevents overheating in animals and plants on hot sunny days.  

  • Density

The density of cold water is lower than warm water. This allows the warm water to float on the surface of rivers, lakes, and oceans. It keeps the water below cold and prevents the aquatic organisms from getting overheated and helps them to survive. The low thermal conductivity of water also helps this. The density of water is 1 g/cm³ or at 4 degrees Celsius. The pure water density g ml is 0.9982 g/Ml.

  • Thermal Conductivity

Water conducts heat poorly. This makes humans and other living organisms to retain water in their bodies for a long time. Also, it protects us from getting overheated

  • Capillary Force and Osmosis 

Water can move up in the plants by opposing gravity due to its support of capillary action and osmosis. Capillary action enables water to climb up enormous trees, even at more than 300 feet- Hyperion- World’s tallest tree- 379.1ft. Osmosis, on the other hand, is the property by which a liquid permeates through a semipermeable membrane. While the water moves upwards in the trees, it attaches to fluid in the plant cells as it moves along.

  • Water enables carbonates to attach to Carbon Dioxide to form bicarbonates

This property is used to expel carbon dioxide from our body. The carbon dioxide formed in the cells gets attached to carbonates and is carried by the blood into the capillaries of lungs where it is detached and expelled into the air.

  • Water makes soothing sounds

People meditate near the waterfalls and oceans. The sound of the waves and falling water is soothing to hear. And not to mention the calming effect of the first rain after having a hot summer. Sound travels in water faster than in air, about 4.5 times. This allows whales and dolphins to communicate over long distances and using sonar technology objects can be found 10 km away in water.  

  • Water allows Light to pass through it

The property of light to transmit through water makes photosynthesis possible. Light as an electromagnetic wave traverses water and forms different crystalline patterns depending on the waves at that moment. The thoughts in our mind change patterns of water that trigger electronic waves through our bodies. Good thoughts form patterns that result in happiness and good health and bad thoughts can make a person feel unhappy and could induce poor health.

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