30 day water gallon challenge – the good, the bad and the ugly

Now you are going to take on the challenge of your life, drinking more water than you ever have. First things first let’s do the research. To evaluate if this is good for ones body or is it bad or dose it do anything at all. Let’s get into it.

Water challenge

The Good – Water Challenge yourself to more water intake!

The good is that it dose tons of good to our body! People have talked about increased in energy levels, girls are saying that their skin is getting better and softer, no pimples. There is several research done on waters effect on our bodies. Here’s one of them.

They say that drinking more water helps loosing weight, especially drinking cold water as body needs to use extra energy to warm the water up before consuming it, where dose this energy comes from? You might ask, well that extra weight of yours, that fat belly. Fat is energy storage of sorts and our body taps into it when needed.  Yes drinking water helps with loosing weight, you still need to move and do other exercise. Water helps, but ain’t the solution just on it’s own.

The Bad – you will need to pee a lot!

Too much water, yes that is a thing. You’ve heard of people drowning, right? Not that you will be drowning from drinking water, but you will be washing out your body. While some things like toxins are good to be washed out. Others like electrolytes needs to stay in our bodies.

Don’t go drinking all of that gallon at once, not that it is easy or even pleasant, don’t take this as a challenge. You’ll end up peeing your pants. You get the point, drink it sip at a time very regular.  A common side effect of this challenge is that people wake up in the night multiple times to go to toilet. There goes your deep restful nights of you sleeping. Welcome the new era of peeing twice a night.

The Ugly – waterintoxication

In very rare cases, if you managed to be drinking an extreme amount of water in a short period of time it can be real dangerous. How dangerous you ask? Life threatening, people have died from this! What happens is this that the level of salt and or sodium, in your blood get’s low and it can drop to be too low, when this happens things gets dicier real quick. They call it hyponatremia very serious and very dangerous condition, truth to be told it can be fatal. People also call it waterintoxication. Yeah, so be careful with drinking too much water.