Water Bottle Challenge

The water bottle challenge all started back in 2016 this was pretty impressive how it all got so much attention in the world, just check out this video where a dude on the stage manages to flip a water bottle around and everyone goes mad!

Phone Game Apps

There are still app’s that can be downloaded to do some self challenging tasks, check out this game for an example.

Water bottle challenge

Compilations was a real deal

It even got as far as people compiling videos together in great Compilation and people where watching!

It really got a bit out of control… but so many people enjoyed, true to their desires and hard work of the video makers.

One after another, and another… just all over the place!

Gotta say this was some incredible times in human history, playing around with one of the top polluter the plastic bottle, but hey fun is fun! It’s way more interesting than watching the daily cycle of water┬áhere at Water-Facts we do love to watch it. No one can deny the skill needed for some of these tricks. People spent hours and hours practicing just to get that video up online for everyone to see. You gotta admire this kind of determination, that is just pure work ethic right there! Way to go bottle flippers!

Well this sums it about right – Water bottle flip

How did it all started?

Apparently this is an old Welsh traditions, where people where sitting around candles and throwing horns over their shoulder. First they had to have a sip of water from them, then do the throwing.

Surely this wasn’t the bases of it, but hey it is good enough for wikipedia. Basically a chap uploaded a video, that video got viral and people took off, creating videos after videos and setting each other with new challenges. A great and fun way to spend time with ya fell mate!