10 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Water for your Hair and Skin

Water is a life-giving source and often we take it for granted. Most of this ignorance comes from its abundance. Although many of us pay for bottled water, water costs almost nothing and this makes us forget the healing properties of good mineral-rich water. Water offers numerous health benefits, among these, benefits of drinking water for our skin and hair are immense.

You have to certainly count water in your skin or hair care routine. Now wonder, celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Aniston are crediting water for their flawless skin. Creams, lotions, moisturizers, conditioners, oils, and many others beauty and hair products are good in their own right. But drinking water is the foundation to look good and have a healthy body. If you have used quite a lot of beauty products, and if nothing significant has changed, you might be missing out on water. It is crucial for us to drink water for having healthy skin and hair.

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Here are some amazing benefits of drinking water!

Benefits of drinking water for Skin

The skin cells or Keratinocytes which form the epidermis of our body need water to carry out their function just like any other organs of the body.  

Here are various skin benefits you get by simply drinking enough water every day.

Improve elasticity of skin

The skin with good elasticity appears smooth, supple and wrinkle-free. To maintain elasticity, skin cells require an optimum amount of moisture, which is possible only when the body is well hydrated. The medical studies show that in case of dehydration, the body first tries to cut off the supply of water from the peripheral tissues to keep the vital organs such as heart, and lungs working in the best possible state. So drinking plenty of water is essential to keep your skin vibrant and well moisturized.

Delays Aging

Water deficient skin appears dry and starts to develop wrinkles. One of the best ways for menopausal women to keep their skin soft is by hydrating their body by drinking a lot of fluids. Drinking 3 liters of water every day for 30 days have shown to enhance complexion, skin texture, and reduction in the pore size. So if your skin has started to develop signs of aging, you should definitely drink an adequate amount of water along with using anti-aging ointments to get the best results.

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Prevents skin diseases

Drinking enough water boosts the body’s metabolic rate and flushes the toughest of toxins over time. It also improves digestive system and intestinal health, which optimizes elimination of waste through bowel movement. This, in turn, decreases the chance of getting skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, and wrinkles. Also, people with acne problem have experienced a reduction in the formation of pimples with drinking more water.

Detoxifies the body

The popular 7 days, 10 days or 15 days water fasting comes from this idea. Water is a universal solvent. It makes it an effective body cleansing and detoxifying agent. Drinking plenty of water help to remove waste and toxins that are deposited over time in the skin tissues of the body. It helps to grow new cells and repair the existing ones. Eating a lot of fiber and drinking enough water are the two things that you have to do to completely purify your body.

Benefits of Drinking Water for Hair and scalp

Prevents Dry scalp

The cells in the scalp act as a barrier for protecting melanocytes that are responsible for the pigmentation of hair. To function properly, these cells need to retain moisture and nutrients. So drinking water becomes essential to keep these cells hydrated. When the cells in the scalp lose moisture, they become vulnerable to settlements of pollutants, germs, and irritants. A person drinking only 3 to 5 glasses of water might develop dry flakes and dandruff easily in the scalp. So if you have dry scalp, drink more quantities of water every day to prevent dry scalp and irritation.

Strengthens the hair roots and lessens hair fall

Drinking more water increases blood circulation in the topmost parts of our body. This oxygenates the cells in the hair roots and increases their energy and vitality. Adequate blood circulation in all areas of the scalp also helps the cells to regenerate and repair which keeps the hair strong and lowers hair fall.

Hair becomes more thick and bouncy

Water boosts the nourishment of hair follicles with essential vitamins. It increases absorption of omega 3 fatty acids, selenium, iron, B12, Zinc, and folic acid in hair cells. With these nutrients, hair can hold beta-carotene and proteins efficiently to give a thick and bouncy hair.

Enhances the vitality of nerve endings in the scalp

Our scalp contains many photosensitive and energy sensitive nerve endings. Water activates these sensors and maintains their structure.

Gets Rid of Dandruff

When the scalp cells are well moisturized, dryness and peeling of dead cells are reduced. Good circulation of water keeps the sweat glands active and removes the deposited toxins in hair follicles. This keeps the sebum causing bacteria in check and prevents their excess growth.

Does fluoridated water cause hair damage?

People who start losing their hair give less attention to the water they consume and use in their household. They go after seeking hair fall treatments but simple things such as quality of bathing and drinking water might be causing the hair problem. Today many of our water systems are infused with fluorine as a way to promote oral health, but fluorine in the water might be causing hair loss.  If you have moved into a new apartment and within a few months you are losing a lot of hair, the water you use for bathing might be causing it. A normal individual sheds up to 100 hairs per day but when this loss is not recovered by new growth, a person gradually becomes bald. The study conducted by Second Hospital in China showed that fluoride in the water damages the hair follicles and makes the hair strands brittle. There are no sufficient medical studies done in this area to conclusively prove that fluoride is bad for your hair, however, it is best to avoid using water with chemicals.